Workforce Programs


Did you know?

73% of employers put greater emphasis on selecting candidates for open positions that demonstrate “soft skills” rather than academic knowledge?  That means, your ability to build and maintain collaborative, trusting relationships with others, time management, negotiation, managing conflict professionally, your ability to set and achieve goals, communications skills, and a willingness to learn matter more than experience when it comes to landing your first job!  Xiente can help. 

Xiente, equips young individuals with the skills and opportunities they need to thrive in today’s ever-evolving job market. Discover how investing in the youth workforce not only fosters economic growth but also cultivates a brighter future for generations to come.

Ready, Set, Work Challenge  

For Youth and Young Adults Ages 16-21 

A 12-session job readiness program series for young adults to enhance soft skills, learn and gain critical job search skills. Such as, preparing a resume, interviewing, and building a professional network.

This program includes an internship with a local business to add experience to your resume.  

Career Exploration Series

For anyone 12+ 

Industries like technology, social services and construction offer so many career options! Where to start? Xiente is here to help you discover what your skills and interests are suited for in the fields of technology, social services and the construction industry. Our staff will help you map out a plan to get the job and connect you to internship opportunities (when available). 

Digital Literacy Internships

For anyone 16+ 

Considering a career in IT or computer science? Do you enjoy helping others learn new skills and want to pick up a few of your own?  We are offering paid Internships to co-facilitate Xiente’s Digital Literacy Program for Seniors.  We will help to take an assets based approach to training others, and help you develop a solutions-based mindset to challenges. 

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