Key Staff

A passionate team dedicated to empowering communities for economic mobility.


Michelle Carrera Morales, Ed.D

Michelle Carrera Morales, Ed.D, Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Michelle Carrera brings 25 years of experience of her work in underprivileged communities across the United States and the Caribbean. Raised in the public housing projects of Puerto Rico, she intimately understands the hardships faced by individuals and communities grappling with poverty. With a doctorate in Education and a focus on Leadership and Management, she is a catalyst for change, specializing in community engagement and organizational transformation. Her passion stems from a profound realization: poverty transcends mere scarcity of resources; it leaves an indelible mark on the soul, shaping one’s character, resilience, and unwavering commitment to advocate for equity. Driven by this personal mission, she embraces the urgency of the challenges faced by families and children. It is her solemn duty to ensure that we uplift one another, embracing lives that honor our most fundamental human rights. For her, true prosperity lies not in individual success, but in the collective journey towards shared abundance.

Jesse Hunting

Jesse Hunting, VP of Real Estate Operations

Jesse Hunting leads the finance and real estate groups at Xiente and is working to promote economic mobility through the creation of affordable housing that is supported by wrap-around housing counseling services that emphasize financial literacy.

Jesse has over a decade of experience working in affordable housing and commercial real estate and has been involved with project development, underwriting, financing, and acquisitions and dispositions.  He also worked at the Reinvestment Fund as a Senior Portfolio Manager and shared management of a $964MM commercial loan portfolio.  While there, he worked to identify and support struggling borrowers, ensure borrower compliance, and underwrite housing, energy, and educational projects.

He holds a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture degree from Penn State and a Master in City Planning degree with a focus in city design and development & real estate finance from MIT.  Jesse lives in Philadelphia’s Wissahickon neighborhood with his wife and two young daughters.

Adamary Sosa

Adamary Sosa, VP of Education

Adamary Sosa has dedicated 15 years to developing and managing federal and state educational programs. Raised in North Philadelphia’s “Badlands,” she draws upon her personal encounters with poverty to fuel her unwavering determination in uplifting individuals from similar backgrounds. Adamary is a dedicated advocate for change, striving to transform lives and communities by enhancing economic opportunities and advancing education. In her role, she leads efforts in education, housing, workforce development, and youth empowerment, channeling her drive into fostering economic advancement. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Adamary actively contributes to collective efforts such as the Latino Equitable Development Collective (LEDC) and provides vital support and leadership in community initiatives. With academic achievements including a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in Special Education, as well as certifications in Nonprofit Executive Leadership and Executive Presence and Influence, Adamary reinforces her capabilities. Through her passion, experience, dedication, and on-the-ground leadership, she is committed to driving transformative change, utilizing economic empowerment and education as key catalysts for lasting impact.

Yaniré Batista Orama

Yaniré Batista Orama, VP of People & Culture

Yaniré Batista Orama holds a Bachelor’s degree in Public Communications from the University of Puerto Rico and a Juris Doctor from the Pontifical Catholic University of Puerto Rico. She began her legal career at Coto, Malley and Tamargo, LLC, specializing in commercial, insurance, and civil law. Later, she transitioned to become the In-House Counsel at the Asociación de Suscripción Conjunta del Seguro de Responsabilidad Obligatorio (ASC). In 2017, Yaniré took on the role of Human Resources and Legal Affairs Manager, where she excelled in improving organizational culture and employee engagement. Her efforts led ASC to win prestigious awards, including Kincentric Best Employer and Mejores Patronos awards. Yaniré is a licensed attorney in Puerto Rico and the District of Columbia, holds an insurance adjuster license, and is a certified provider of continued education in insurance.

Félix Quiñones

Félix Quiñones, VP of Strategic Initiatives & Research

Félix Quiñones, a seasoned bilingual professional with over 15 years of nonprofit management experience, is a force in the field. Originating from Puerto Rico, he’s mastered program administration, development, data analysis, research, and evaluation. His expertise extends to technology integrations, holding multiple technology certifications. Currently, he drives a comprehensive digital transformation at Xiente, including Salesforce integration for customer relationship management, document digitalization, and seamless digital process integration. Under his leadership, Xiente is revolutionizing its operations for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Félix has a strong track record of active engagement with underserved communities across multiple municipalities, cities, and states. Prior to his role as the Director of Operations and Development for Capital District LATINOS, where he focused on grant writing, fundraising, and community health initiatives, he served as a Research Scientist at the Center for Human Services Research at the University at Albany (SUNY). Félix holds a Master’s in Nonprofit Management and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Educational Research. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds comfort and creativity in woodworking as a personal hobby.


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