Félix Quiñones, VP of Strategic Initiatives & Research

Félix Quiñones

Félix Quiñones, a seasoned bilingual professional with over 15 years of nonprofit management experience, is a force in the field. Originating from Puerto Rico, he’s mastered program administration, development, data analysis, research, and evaluation. His expertise extends to technology integrations, holding multiple technology certifications. Currently, he drives a comprehensive digital transformation at Xiente, including Salesforce integration for customer relationship management, document digitalization, and seamless digital process integration. Under his leadership, Xiente is revolutionizing its operations for enhanced efficiency and productivity.

Félix has a strong track record of active engagement with underserved communities across multiple municipalities, cities, and states. Prior to his role as the Director of Operations and Development for Capital District LATINOS, where he focused on grant writing, fundraising, and community health initiatives, he served as a Research Scientist at the Center for Human Services Research at the University at Albany (SUNY). Félix holds a Master’s in Nonprofit Management and a Certificate of Advanced Studies in Educational Research. Beyond his professional pursuits, he finds comfort and creativity in woodworking as a personal hobby.