Adamary Sosa, VP of Economic Mobility

Adamary Sosa

Adamary Sosa has dedicated 15 years to developing and managing federal and state educational programs. Raised in North Philadelphia’s “Badlands,” she draws upon her personal encounters with poverty to fuel her unwavering determination in uplifting individuals from similar backgrounds. Adamary is a dedicated advocate for change, striving to transform lives and communities by enhancing economic opportunities and advancing education. In her role, she leads efforts in education, housing, workforce development, and youth empowerment, channeling her drive into fostering economic advancement. Beyond her professional responsibilities, Adamary actively contributes to collective efforts such as the Latino Equitable Development Collective (LEDC) and provides vital support and leadership in community initiatives. With academic achievements including a Bachelor’s degree in Early Childhood Education and a Master’s degree in Special Education, as well as certifications in Nonprofit Executive Leadership and Executive Presence and Influence, Adamary reinforces her capabilities. Through her passion, experience, dedication, and on-the-ground leadership, she is committed to driving transformative change, utilizing economic empowerment and education as key catalysts for lasting impact.