Dr. Michelle Carerra is named a 2023 USA Eisenhower Fellow

We are delighted to announce that Dr. Michelle Carrera Morales, Executive Director of Xiente, has been named a 2023 USA Eisenhower Fellow. This prestigious fellowship recognizes her outstanding leadership in advancing social mobility and addressing poverty in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

About the Fellowship

Eisenhower Fellowships exist to inspire leaders worldwide to create positive change, collaborate across borders, and envision a more peaceful, prosperous, and just world. The program connects innovative leaders from diverse fields and regions, fostering international understanding and impactful collaborations.


Dr. Carrera will join a cohort of American leaders who travel abroad for four- to five-week programs, engaging with experts and leaders in their respective fields. This experience will enable her to develop projects and build dynamic collaborations with international counterparts.


  • Name: Dr. Michelle Carrera Morales
  • Title: Fellow
  • Organization: Xiente
  • Country of Origin: United States
  • Program Year: 2023

Dr. Carrera leads Xiente, a nonprofit dedicated to enhancing the social mobility of predominantly Latino clients in Philadelphia. Under her leadership, Xiente has expanded its efforts in early childhood education, affordable housing, financial counseling, and workforce development, making a significant impact in a community where poverty is a pressing issue.

In Egypt and the Netherlands, during her fellowship, Dr. Carrera aims to explore innovative social programs designed to alleviate poverty and reduce inequality, furthering her commitment to transformative change.

For more details on Dr. Michelle Carrera’s Eisenhower Fellowship journey, read the original post on the Eisenhower Fellowships website.

It’s important to keep in mind human nature when creating an online presence.

—Michelle Carrera

Stay tuned for updates on Dr. Michelle Carrera’s remarkable journey as a 2023 USA Eisenhower Fellow, as she continues to drive transformative change and inspire leaders globally.

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